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Revenge is Sweet

I just wanna point out that, while talking heads have reamed our asses over a batch of burnt Jew cookies, the goys over at College Humor posted a "Jew Cake" photo, and its frat house went totally unharmed. A...
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Chosen Comedy: Lee Camp

Comedian Lee Camp is known for his smart satirical stand up, but calling Fox News “a parade of propaganda and a festival of ignorance” on a Fox morning show is still his shining moment.
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Chosen Film: “The Infidel”

A comedy about a Muslim who discovers he's actually a Jew? There's a "Three's Company" plot prepped for slapstick. To meet the birth father he never knew, Mahmud Nasir (comedian Omid Djalili) must get in tou...
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Chosen Books: “The Bedwetter”

Part tell-all, part explanation for anything she's ever said or done that might have offended, all hilarious, The Bedwetter is also full of pictures of genitals. (No spoilers on which type of genitals or whose. Sorry, you'll just have to buy it to see, pervert.)

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