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Comedian Lee Camp is known for his smart satirical stand up, but calling Fox News “a parade of propaganda and a festival of ignorance” on a Fox morning show is still his shining moment. Janeane Garofalo says he’s an “amazing writer and political thinker” and Kelly Carlin (daughter of George) calls him “really fucking funny.” After writing and producing videos for the Huffington Post and contributing to The Onion, Camp has just filmed his new DVD, Chaos for the Weary. He can be seen on the new show The Green Room with Paul Provenza, and in Provenza’s new book Satiristas!. Camp sat down with Heeb to talk about growing up southern and his upcoming projects before making me cry.

So you’re from Richmond, Virginia and you’re Jewish. How much did that screw you up?
Yeah, I feel like there was a time when Jews ran from the south for good reason. But technically, I’m a southerner. I don’t feel like I’m that southern, but my high school was the Confederate Rebels . . . They realized eventually it [Confederate Rebel mascot] was offensive to like, the five black students we had so they slowly took away a piece of his uniform at a time. When I first got there they had set fire to the flag . . . I was like, ‘Oh good, he joined the union now, after 150 years.’ And then they took away his clothes an gave him a football uniform, so he was now a football player with a Confederate soldier head. It was very schizophrenic.

Read the rest of the interview and find out what Camp thinks about Virginia’s governor making April “Nation Confederacy Month” after the jump.

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Lauren Soroken was raised in north Florida but now resides in Brooklyn where Heeb tried to dress her up as Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS her first day on the job.

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