What is Heeb?
Heeb Magazine was brewed in Brooklyn in 2001 as a take-no-prisoners zine for the plugged-in and preached-out. Covering arts, culture and politics in a voice all its own, Heeb has become a multi-media magnet to the young, urban and influential.

For inquiries, change of address notification and letters to the editor, email [email protected] or write us at Heeb, P.O. Box 687, New York, NY 10012

Join the Conspiracy
This is one of several standard Heeb Expertise Examination Batteries (HEEBs) given to ascertain qualifications of applicants interested in pursuing work on behalf of Heeb Magazine. Openings are currently available as Interns, College Reps, Members of the Street Team and as super-advanced cyborgian combinations of the above. Please download the pdf below, print out the application, complete, and mail to Heeb Magazine: Conspiracy, P.O. Box 687, New York, NY 10012. You may attach additional sheets of paper if necessary.
Download the application