When Comedy Went to School: The Heeb Review

It gives a great, if somewhat impressionistic, picture of this lost world (including some salacious details about the trysting that went on between the ladies up in the Catskills without their husbands and the young, male hotel staff members)

Worst Jewish Camp Experience Ever

Jewdar never did the Jewish camp experience, but based on the How to Make It To the Promised Land, new short film Sam Zalutsky is trying to Kickstart, we didn't miss much.

Weiner Has Entered

Jewdar has a simple policy: While we won't make fun of you for being named "Weiner," we will definitely make fun of you if you're named "Weiner" and you send random women photos of your eponymous body part.

Street Walking

Agree or disagree with J Street, Jewdar admits that, like most people, we don't know much more about it than what we read in the headlines of the Jewish periodical of one's choice.


Now, smart money of course is still on the Uslim-Mays, but there's something about this whole set-up that seems like just the kind of crazy that Kim Jong Un might go for.