The Abu Dhabi Mitzvah–the Heeb Review

Levinson gives an engaging depiction of both people and places, and one can understand, both in his humor and outlook, how he would have inspired so many people along the way to participate one way or another in his meanderings.

Diversity in the Comic Book Universe

Because as a Jew who always wanted to see Jewish characters, we get it. We don’t claim to be in the same position, because as a white guy, we could still see plenty of white guys to identify with or dream about being like, but we get it enough to want black kids or latino kids or gay kids to pick up a comic book and read stories about people like them.

Bright Idea

Netanyahu should announce that he's willing to admit refugees descended from the 1947-49 Palestinian exodus to settle in the West Bank--indeed, he's willing to admit them permanently. Of course, in order to create these permanent settlements, he would need to work with the PA, and to get their blessing.