The South is different. Let Jewdar make this clear--we are are not a fan of the smarmy liberal tendency to paint all Southerners as illiterate rednecks. Fun fact--while Obama won among the most educated voters, he also won among the least educated. But when we say the South is different, we mean more than just voting patterns and education levels. We mean that for a long, long time--even before the Civil War--there was a Southern identity distinct from the the rest of the country.

The Last Resort

Once upon a time, summertime was when a young Jew's fancy would turn to thoughts of summer excursions in the Catskills. And for many of them, of course, "the Catskills" meant "Kutsher's." Well, those days of yore are no more, but that doesn't mean a young Jew can't still dream.

A Solution for Indiana’s Same Sex Wedding Cake Controversy

The Indiana law is simply another example of our once great nation's downward spiral into crybabiness. I know that Indiana is part of the Midwest, but when Jewdar was a lad in Wisconsin, we understood that refusing to do your job to the best of your ability was seen as a negative thing.

Save The Country and Western Jew!

Sure, you can go to Brooklyn, shout "Hey Shloimie, I've got some free peyos wax!" and watch the stampede--but there are sub-species that are in danger of disappearing. We speak today of the Jewish country and western singer. Specifically - Daniel Antopolosky.