Lamb of Clod

Understand that on the subject of the Temple Mount, Jewdar is coming from a place of perfect reasonableness

Reem Job

It is certainly worth noting that the first big (it's funny that we used that word, because it can suggest both the level of fame he achieved and the size of his penis) porn star also had one of the most famous brisses in the world.

Mississippi Bawling

Jewdar is no constitutional scholar, but we're pretty sure the Founding Fathers wrote the 1st Amendment to protect the practice of religion, not crybabies

Choosing Yiddish: The Book Review

Edited by Lara Rabinovitch, Shiri Goren, and Hannah S Pressman, the book is chock full of the kind of cutting-edge work in Yiddish Studies that a more diligent Jewdar might have done, but now, these tenured wonks are desperate for a few words of praise from Jew-Know-Who.

Koch Rocket

Jewdar doesn't know if Koch, Neil Barsky's new film about Ed Koch, is a good documentary, but it is an enjoyable one

Up Chuck

How many of us--and Jewdar certainly has--have used words like "us" and "we" and "our" when referring to Israel...At the very least, a goy from Nebraska can probably be forgiven for making a statement that there is "Jewish lobby" lobbying on behalf of Israel.

You Can’t Go Home Again

A high-ranking official of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood recently called upon Egyptian Jews--particularly those in Israel--to come back to the Motherland.

Movin’ On Up

A few years ago, Jews in the Senate were riding high--with 13 members, the Senate would even recess on Rosh Hashana. It seemed like nothing would stop us from eventually becoming a majority. Then came 2010...