Wilt Chamberlain Scores Again As A Borscht Belt Bellhop


You know how they say that you shouldn’t feed a stray cat, because they’ll keep coming back for more? Jewdar knows that feeling all too well. Years, ago, FOJ Ian Rosenberg invited us to his movie, The World’s Best Promwhich Jewdar sincerely loved, and was happy to say so in our official capacity as Heeb’s Resident Authority on Popular Culture. Well, out of that invitation has spun an increasingly parasitic relationship, in which Ian sucks at the nourishing, free PR teat that is Jewdar.  Which brings us to the latest from Ian and his lovely and talented wife Caroline Laskow: Wilt Chamberlain Borscht Belt Bellhop. Now, for those unaware, Chamberlain was, in fact, a Borscht Belt bellhop, brought in by Kutschers resort in the schmaltz-soaked Catskills, presumably because he could carry more trays than normal-sized bellhops.

The short doc (just 9 minutes!) is brought to us by ESPN Films, and their 30 by 30 short film series. It’s well worth a look, if only to consider the notion that among the 20,000 or so women that Wilt the Stilt allegedly bedded there may have been a few Borscht Belt Bunnies – something to consider the next time you see an unusually tall MOT with a Jew-fro.

[Many thanks to Jennifer and Dan at ESPN.Com]

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