Links for Turning the Plane Around for Cancer-Stricken Camper

campsimchaPilots turn packed passenger jet around to get cancer-stricken girl, 11, and take her to summer camp after she lost passport (Daily Mail)

My Baby Idan’s Fight to Live (Kveller)

Woody Allens Breezy 1965 Resume is Really Worth a Gander (Dangerous Minds)

How to Make a Sketch Comedy Show with Bob and David and the ‘Mr. Show’ Writers (Splitsider)

The Pros And Cons Of Having Curly Hair: An Illustrated Take (Buzzfeed)

It Can’t Wait (In My Own Damn Words)

Fertility Diary: I’m Old (NY Times)

Jewish Summer Camp Gyno Vid Goes Viral (Jewlicious)

Russell Simmons Apologizes For Harriet Tubman Sex Tape (TPM)

Also Jordana jumping (Adam Courtney)

Breslov Hasidim Allegedly Deface Statue Of Jesus On The Cross, Ukrainian Observers Fear Retalitory Violence (Failed Messiah)

Director of women’s center denies Alice Walker disinvited due to Israel views (JPOST)

Shedding Light on Meor (Stop Kiruv Now)

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