Jew Out of Water

Saul Austerlitz's new book Another Fine Mess: A History of American Film Comedy chronicles over a 100 years of laughs. Here's an exclusive essay he wrote just for us.
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Jews on Craigslist

Jewish schmuck seeks same, sans-peen - 28 (NYC): "To save time for 99% of you, i'm not tall or rich." (NY) SEEKING JILF* (*Jewess I'd Like to F---): "And of course when I say F---, I mean F--- ...
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End of the Tori

Back in some issue or another, Jewdar expressed our reservations about the new 90210 (among other things West Beverly's huge Iranian Jewish population seems to be represented by a character who's an Iranian Sci...
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Beauty and the Beast, Hollywood-Style

Hollywood loves pretty women made up to look like ugly women. Especially pretty women impersonating real, live ugly women. First Charlize Theron in Monster and now Marion Cotillard in La Vie En Rose have won be...
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Beat Down

Thursday was the first yahrzeit of Jewdar's father. For those who are unfamiliar with Jewish mourning customs (and you should remain unfamiliar, God willing), you can't listen to music for the year after the d...