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Linkin’ Continental

Baskin Robins newest mascot will whoop your ass if you touch his sister. (Afrojacks) Attention Black Folks: You are now legally allowed to make fun of Jews. Just get married! (Black Voices) Whats craz...
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We’re sure that last week, when you sat down in front of your computer with your customary martini* and tub of Vaseline, you were horrified to find that wasn’t there. We pray both that you forg...
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Links: We Find ‘Em So You Can Procrastinate

Orthodoxy rebels: Israeli cheerleaders flout society by "not being sexy." (Yahoo) Paris Hilton tries to tell reporters that she's "earned everything she has" unlike her rich, privileged friends; reporters ca...
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Chosen Books: “The Bedwetter”

Part tell-all, part explanation for anything she's ever said or done that might have offended, all hilarious, The Bedwetter is also full of pictures of genitals. (No spoilers on which type of genitals or whose. Sorry, you'll just have to buy it to see, pervert.)
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Urban Kvetch: Israel Independence Day

You get the feeling that the party's almost over -- that it'll be a miracle if we make it to 63, that the great experiment has failed and total annihilation is imminent, and it's a feeling you're used to, only ...
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David, Rahm and Me

Rumors continue to swirl that Bibi Netanyahu, Prime Minister of the Jewish State, has played the timeless "self-hating Jew" card against Rahm Emmanuel.

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