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Vatican Plays the Jew Card

One might think that the Vatican, in the midst of a veritable Benetton ad of international pedophilia scandals, might be trying extra hard to avoid antagonizing anyone who isn't already pissed off at the crowd ...
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Rule # 3: Show a Little Skin

When all else fails, let your epidermis show. Mix and match your Nazi threads with a little birthday suit. Edward Norton displays the swastika tat on his sculpted chest. Burlesque babe Dita Von Teese's curvy bo...
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Rule #2: Don’t Underdress

Dress like you're headed to the Berlin opera house, not some ghetto-ass Los Angeles laundromat. A dirty white t-shirt simply isn't going to cut it. Mel Brooks shows off a matching cap-and-suit combo.Marilyn Man...
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Links Not to Pass Over

GooGoo GaGa: Lady Gaga Gives Birth (Mazel Tov!) (BuzzFeed) Terrorism Renders Ruskie Magic Rusty. Proof? This Slight(ly Retarded) of Hand. (The Daily What)"Oh, You'd Like My Business Card? Let Me Fling It D...
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The Great Convergence: Passover Stripped

Anyone who appreciates both Passover and nudity is in for a special treat: conceptual filmmaker Carrie Dashow's "The Great Convergence," a cinematic representation of the Hillel Sandwich (charoset and...

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