The French Connection

A week after Nicholas Sarkozy was overheard calling Bibi a liar and saying he couldn't stand him, an IDF strike in Gaza injured the French consul there.

Food for Thought

Given that the Jewdar family is about to make a trip the Holy Land for the elder Jewdar boy's bar mitzvah, we have been following with some interest the recent controversy over rising cottage cheese prices.

Tit For Tat

As thousands of Syrians flee to Turkey, as refugee camps fill in on both sides of the border, and as reports are coming out that armed men (presumably from the Syrian government) are preventing the Red Crescent from entering the camps on the Syrian side, it seems like a golden opportunity for Israel.

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

A non-Jew goes on a bad vacation, it simply becomes something they mention among their friends when the subject of vacations comes up; a Jew has a bad vacation, it becomes cause for an outpouring of angst about their relationship to the Jewish state.