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A Muslim Miss USA: Rima Fakih

As many are doubtlessly aware, top spot at the Miss USA pageant went to our Ishmaelite cousin, Rima Fakih, from Michigan. Jewdar, of course, wishes Ms. Fakih (or can we say "Miss" in this context?) nothing ...
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Wiesel Smacked Down by Jewish Jerusalemites

In an open letter to Barack Obama (published last month in "The Washington Post," "The Wall Street Journal" and "The New York Times"), author Elie Wiesel declared Jerusalem above politics. "It is mentioned more...
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The Trifecta

Jewdar wants to wish a Big Mazl to Elena Kagan on her nomination as Supreme Court Justice, which would bring the number of Chosen chosen for the bench to three, or one third of the total. What a country this i...