Streetwalkers, Shatner and Mind Control: Link Roundup

Shatner vs. the Hoff. Aging celebs promote upcoming cable shows, compete for camera time. Bet on Captain Kirk for the win. (Seriously OMG)

The New York Times gets an exclusive, never-before-heard scoop: Some Jews love Israel, while some Jews don’t. (Institute for Public Affairs)

The Forgotten Foer, ¬†Joshua, Jews it up in what is obviously not a publicity/attention stunt — organizing an artsyfartsy sukka design competition. (The Architect’s Newspaper)

Jewish foodies walk the streets of San Francisco. Semitic street-food vendors sell egg creams and other delicacies in The Bay Area. (J Weekly)

The Israeli behind Jersey Shore will likely be responsible for more guido television. (BlackBook)

The government can read your mind, but your thoughts are safe in court. Brooklyn judge rejects brain scan lie detection. (Slashdot)

What do you think?

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