The Schlep Is Over: R.I.P “The Sarah Silverman Program”

Readers, we deeply regret to inform you that “The Sarah Silverman Program” is no longer. After carting the sitcom off to the hospice known as the midnight time slot, Comedy Central has pulled the plug on the satirist extraordinaire. That’s right, no more geeky gay stoners, seducing God, or Cookie Party with Mini Coffee.

Silverman, whose memoir The Bedwetter is currently on sale, has consistently pushed the borders of race- and religion-related humor. Remember when Sarah put on blackface to get a full sense of the hardships of African-Americans? A black friend even used payis, a big fake nose and an “I Heart Money” tee to understand the persecution of Jews. And look how much that improved race relations.

Perhaps it was the rise of Chelsea Handler that pushed the cute, foul-mouthed Jewish girl off the programming schedule. (“There can be only one.”) Is rambling celebrity gossip that much more accessible to the mainstream than Nazi, farting, shit humor? (Yes.) So perhaps it was your time, but no matter what happens next, Silverman, you’ll always be the first woman to ever give analingus on television to a beloved pet. No-one can take that away from you.

“The Sarah Silverman Program” — February 1, 2007 – May 12, 2010

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