Star-Struck Jesus, Stubborn Jews and Scientology Schmucks: Monday’s Links

Jesus Christ, TV Star. Comedy Central announces new edgy sitcom based on Christ’s life, passes on office comedy starring the prophet Mohammed. Wimps. (Daemon’s TV)

Afghanistan’s last Jew “vows to stay put.” After the media slaps giant target sign on Zablon Simintov’s Tefillin-wrapped head, Jewish aid groups promise shipments of “Seinfeld” DVDs and Manichewitz honey cake mix. (CNN)

The question isn’t whether you should profit off of a rare copy of Schindler’s list. It’s “how much?” Apparently, the answer is around $2 million. (Entertainment Daily).

Even other Scientologists mock Tom Cruise. The star’s personal taped confessions used as entertainment for party guests. That’s gotta be at least as violating as getting molested by your priest or rabbi. (Yeeeah!)

Barbara Walters announces that she’s taking break from “The View” for heart surgery and recovery. Fans shocked: Who the hell knew Babs was 80? (Seriously? OMG! WTF?)

What do you think?

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