Nazis Strippers and Not-So-Rad Rockets: Friday’s Links

“Bombshell” McGee, every-one’s favorite Nazi fetish model, defends cheaters, says men are hardwired to “spread the seed.” Looks like Oprah’s replacement for 2011 has finally been found. (Celebitchy)

Though some say it’s a scam, Obama approves an extra $205 million for Israel’s Iron Dome, the seriously sci-fi plan to track and knock missiles down right in mid-air. Still no solution to all that damn trance music, though.  (Palestine Note)

Orthodox High Council bars Hasidic investment in film venture. The Hasids object, citing Jewish law’s patent endorsement of making money. (YNetNews)

Researches have proven that phone calls to mom reduce stress. Results are suspect as the study neglected to use a Jewish mothers control group. (Death+Taxes)

U.S. to return Baghdad’s Jewish Archives. (Get the background here.) Will Iraqis just burn all Jewish deeds to property? Probably, but let’s hope those lonely seven Iraqi Jews at least get the Torah scrolls. (Vos Iz Neias)

The “Little Orphan Annie” comic strip – the inspiration for the musical – ends 85 years of syndication. Editors cite the strip’s falling popularity. Generation Y asks, “Who the hell is Orphan Annie? Does she strip on YouTube?” (Seriously? OMG! WTF?)

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