Dreidel Hustler Hangs with Nazi Zombie at Brandenburg Gate

Just kidding. But, creepy as he seems, he was way cooler than the random-ass bear going around Hitler’s ol’ stomping grounds and charging schmucky tourists money for photo opportunities.

What do you think?

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Brian Abrams

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  1. schweddy

    My plastic kraut “army men” of my childhood were blue-gray, not the kick-ass American green, like that EGermie is painted in. If DH had the ballz he would have done what I did to my german soldier playmates: pour model glue on him and light a firecracker on the sucker and watch him catch fire and melt.

  2. Mertz

    Sorry, but you fail. These are not Nazi-Soldiers, these are NVA-Soldiers. Which means National People’s Army, the Army of the old Eastern Germany Communist Regime. A slight difference. You’d rather see WWII American or Russian Uniforms in Berlin than German ones…
    Greetings, M

  3. schweddy

    Hey, is that you Mr Mertz, my high school world history teacher? Damn…you got me again after all these years! However, I’d rather see Hooters uniforms in Berlin over any military ones.


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