05 · Issue 5

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Urban Kvetch: “Un-PC”

"Un-PC" Invoking this phrase somehow lends a veneer of heroism to even the most un-heroic of expressions. Say, "Maybe this is un-PC, but the problem with this country is too many immigrants," and your listener...
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Urban Kvetch: Madeleine

Madeleine Would everybody please shut up about Marcel Proust's madeleine? Honestly, you'd think his entire kaleidoscopic epic was about baked goods. The cookie passage takes up less than one page of the seven-...
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Urban Kvetch: Aleph-Bet Yoga

Aleph-Bet Yoga The latest mishigas from New Age Jews prescribes embodying individual Hebrew letters in order to achieve spiritual enlightenment. According to its creators, bending over backwards into a "mem" (...
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Urban Kvetch: Fur Coats

Fur Coats Fur coats are really sexy to furry animals like bears, Sasquatch, and middle-aged Israeli men. Lady, if you're trying to be attractive in that thing, you're only attracting foxes, rodents and seals w...
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Urban Kvetch

Public Nail Clipping There can't be anything more emblematic of the erosion of civic virtue in this nation than the disturbing development of public nail clipping. It's so acceptable to do your nails in public...
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It's been 30 years since Sandy Koufax inspired Jewish pride among sports fans when he refused to pitch in the World Series on Yom Kippur. Since then, however, only a few athletes have been publicly celebrated as the heroes of a group better know for its doctors and lawyers. Allen Salkin takes a close look at a culture straining to beat back a stereotype that may be all too true.