Crimes of Passion

*Direction by Nancy Schwartzman
Photography by Tai Power Seeff
Production Design by Amanda Ford*

_(excerpted from original article)_
Nearly two thousand years ago, a benevolent preacher was executed in Jerusalem. The event, framed as the apotheosis of mankind’s Lord and Savior, was summarily blamed upon the Jews. But this fondly held belief seemed destined to fade forever after Pope Paul VI dashed it at Vatican II. That is, until a certain latter-day screen idol best known for playing crazy cops and post-apocalyptic bikers labored feverishly to recreate the narrative in awe-inspiring Dolby Surround. Moved by this man’s obvious commitment to truth, we here at Heeb, as descendants of those hook-nosed villains of yore, present our own interpretation of those harrowing and controversial final hours. So sit back, ye filthy idolaters, and enjoy the show.

*Photographer:* Tai Power Seeff
“_I don’t think_ The Passion of the Christ _will create hatred against Jews, but it might awaken dormant hostilities. The dangerous part of filmmaking is that it fools us into seeing fantasy as reality and representation as history._”

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  1. AlanVanneman

    Mel “I own Malibu” Gibson did not play a “post-apocalyptic biker.” Can’t tell the difference between a bike and a 1973 Ford Falcon XB GT Coupe with a turbo mill? I guess you guys are Jewish!


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