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Urban Kvetch: Fleas

Fleas My cats Mookie and Cleo had fleas this week. I really felt for the cats, because they had bugs biting them and shit, but I felt a lot worse for myself. Turns out a single flea can lay about 30,000 eggs, ...
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Hostel Takeover

Eli Roth explains his penchant for fabricated blood and guts by recounting his sensationally unconventional bar mitzvah party in which a magician pretended to saw the young Roth in half—a grotesque symbolic act...
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Lisa Loeb

(excerpted from original article) When I'm finally introduced to the folk singer, I make a sympathetic remark about how hard it seems to be back in the saddle again. Loeb looks at me sharply behind her signatu...
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The Corvette

An English teacher in Krakow remembers two blissful hours roaring along the New Jersey Turnpike and the moment he decided what was truly worthwhile. New fiction by Gordon Haber.

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