10 · The Money Issue

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Lone Star

_Heeb_ isn't in the endorsement business, but let's just say that given the recent history of their gubernatorial office, Texans could do a whole lot worse than this guy. D.J. Waletzky's exclusive interview with Kinky Friedman.
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My Son, the Debtor

It's not like the condition of the Jewish Doctor is terminal, but if you're pursuing the classic Jewish-American dream today, your prognosis isn't quite as rosy as it once was. Anya Kamenetz on a generation of men and women who went to medical school and got less than what they bargained for.
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The Gold Standard

He's on America's hottest television series and is increasingly becoming one of Hollywood's biggest comic stars. Now he's playing a father obsessed with giving his son the most spectacular bar mitzvah in history. Malina Saval sits down with Entourage's Jeremy Piven.
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Merchants of Menace

While Jews are, of course, well-known for being good with money, that does not mean that Jews with money are well-known for being good. In this history lesson with David Deutsch you'll learn that, unfortunately, sometimes Yids do the darndest things.

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