Nehedar: Israeli Folk Musician (Updated)

What happens to a song that goes on YouTube and only gets 300 views? Does it die–consequently sparing us of the few minutes of life we might have wasted on a Tumblr about cats? Nehedar ironically poses this question in her latest music video “The Song No One Hears”:

“What happens to the song no one hears? Can it come back again in a few hundred years?”

Nehedar tries to be philosophical, but fails miserably. Her song is uninteresting but just for the hell of it, I’ll take the bait and answer her rhetorical question with a question of my own: What happened to 90s sensation Blackstreet and their famed song “No Diggity”? Already nobody gives a shit about that song and it was performed just 20 years ago. So to answer your question Nehedar, no, songs don’t come back and neither will yours.

The video itself is equally confusing (you’ll find that out if you actually watch it.) For some reason random people (friends/family members?) stand in the background for way too long holding up cardboard signs of popular albums and songs titles. Is this supposed to be funny? Ironic? Or are you trying to say that in 300 years your song will be as irrelevant as Abbey Road’s “B-sides”?

And why are you on a beach with what appears to be some dude who was rejected from the cast of Jersey Shore? Considering you are a Jewish hippie chick, is this one of your terrible acid flashbacks from the Negev?

Please explain what is going on in this video and why we should remember it in 100 years.

What do you think?

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“Chicky” is co-owner and editor of, a relevant blog you’ve probably never heard of. Sometimes he even tries to tell jokes. He's pretty much an asshole. Follow him @chickywink

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  1. folkster

    totally disagree…its catchier and more beautiful than most of the shit i usually hear. its art man, doesnt need to be totally clear to you–just nice to hear and makes you feel, which is what it does to me.

  2. Zev Padway

    Wow, Mr. Winkleman,

    Such an in-depth review on a song that is “uninteresting” yet had enough interest for you to dedicate, what I”m sure is your valuable time to write a blog about it and repost the video. Just curious about your title? Where do you get the Israeli Folk Musician from? Is it that she’s from Zion, Illinois that threw you off? I know it has the word Zion in it. But trust me its not in Israel. Or is it that she lives in NY and knows Israelis? Just wondering? It must be the fancy hebrew name that made you assume she is Israeli.
    But nope she’s actually from the mid west.
    I do find it a bit sad,that when a young Jewish woman takes the time to make a light fun video with her friends about all the random songs that people write that don’t get listened too. (Kinda like your blogs). You, and I assume the editors at Heeb, feel the need to write a negative review on it. Really? Is this what Heeb has become. Wow I remember the days when Jen Blyer just had a little punk rock Zine that she printed her self. It was filled with the musings of young Jews of all types. Some of it making no sense at all. But it was a forum to express oneself. But hey, it was enough that I randomly saw it and responded. Which I must say is one of the only times in my life that I have responded to someone’s blog. I do live in Israel and happen to have known Nehedar for many years. And I would say that if you knew her and the life she has lived you would probably write a bit of a different piece. But hey thats what the internet is for. Everybody has their little world wide web of …

  3. motti

    That was a well written critique [/sarcasm]
    What a pointless mean spirited blurb, if you had something actually critical to say and were being a jackass that might be one thing but this article is just a jab with nothing to say…

  4. Evergreen

    Nehedar is an artist, and good one at that. We need more people like her. You’re mean. We need less people like you.

  5. Lila

    Her voice is beautiful and the video is fun. The production quality is low, but don’t rag on someone just they aren’t putting up thousands of dollars to make a video. Let it be what it is, a real song by a real person. Why hate on that?

  6. Jenn

    Admittedly this video is a little umm….shall we say…unpolished? (yes, I’m being generous here). What is going on? I’m not really sure….I think she’s trying to make a lighthearted point but it does not come through and it kind of looks a little frightening; she should definitely fire this director. But humor me for a minute and play the song again, this time with your eyes closed. Okay…there you go. Now maybe you’re not a “folksy hippie pseudo-israeli guitar playing – i’m going-to-check-out-dar-williams-down-in-battery-city-park” kind of dude…I’ll grant you that – its a particular flavor. But this chick has a few solid things going for her – rhythm, pitch, and quite a beautiful vocal tone. Given the plethora of seriously craptastic singers on our little planet I kinda like Nehedar and hope she gets her day in the sun.

  7. S

    So you stand corrected with Israeli, what else will you stand for? Isn’t there enough negative press around to fill you, to not give such an outlandishly negative romp to a talented artist who is lighthearted, whimsical and offers a fresh sound? Why don’t you try picking on an artist, and there are plenty of them, who have a hard time stringing together words, do not play any instruments and do not write their own lyrics or music? Your little rant means absolutely nothing to me. In other words, go *!?! yourself!

  8. Daniel

    I’m going to have to disagree with Charles “ChickY” a
    Being as picky as I am with music I really have taken aliking to
    The song no one hears.
    This song has a certain vibrant and wholsome sound to it which everyone should take a chance and have a listen to before your decision is made by just one person.

  9. drummer

    Are you reminded of an ex-girlfriend you had a bad break-up with? Do you hate artistic expression? Do you call yourself a hipster? Oh, too bad for you.

  10. Brandon

    since when does a music video desperately need sense-making? Chill out Heeb. It’s a fun, silly song.

  11. Josef K

    Just plain mean, no class with this post. “Chicky” (“Hipster Jew”?) Winkelman sucks. Heeb sucks. Nehedar has heart.

  12. nothing new

    If by “hipster jew” you’re referring to the fact you’re trendy and lacking in creativity, then it makes perfect sense why you would not be able to appreciate something that sounds fresh and new. Nehedar is one of the most exciting new anti-folk/pop artists in NYC, and if any of your readers get this far in the comment section I would encourage them to check out more of her work.

    As for the “hipster jew”, why don’t you find someone your own size to pick on? Oh, wait, no one else is that small.

    As for HEEB … really? Thanks.

  13. Baruch

    After reading this “review” and listening to the song I have decided that it is both fun and catchy. I put the word “review” in quotes because this article does an excellent job in demonstrating piss poor journalism. It is clear that the author has little knowledge of the music industry, no critical skills, and probably failed in his own attempt to be a musician. The bitterness is palpable and directed at an excellent artist. Heeb Magazine, you do yourself a disservice by allowing this “reviewer” on your website.

  14. theliege

    considering Abbey Road’s B-side songs are still being played on the radio and will still be recognized next century, i’m doubtful of your rather harsh and broad assessment

  15. I like FUNNY Assholes

    Nehedar is cool, chill and ironic in a vibey new way. Definitely closer to hipster than this writing is. I happened upon her music while at a bar and I stayed following her. Hipsterjew asshole? I happened upon this and won’t be back… RUDE

  16. Elyakeem

    The 3:33 minutes I watched it were worth my time. I smiled so it probably lengthened my life by at least 9 minues watching it so that’s a real plus. Thanks for the reckoning. Whatever that means.

  17. Genie2

    I have no idea what you’re talking about. I think she is really good. But thanks for highlighting her for me :)

  18. Annoyed

    I happen to love Nehedar and feel like you completely judged it knowing nothing.

  19. SPF

    here’s a picture of author CHICK, destined for meme-hood on

    since you asked, i think this video is kinda meta genius. it’s about the the sad fail of a hipster wannabee accordionist. circa 2012, nobody recognizes the latent genius in his three-hour accordion concertos, too bad. he’s trying to make it in the big city as a writer, but as you can see, he’s struggling.

    CHICK since you wrote it, what’s your real name? i’m sure you’ll want to be attached to this quality work for ever and ever

  20. Whatishighart?

    What I really like about this song is the idea of songs as alive and aware. I like the line “while the song passes by silently in the night.” a song by definition being sound. But what is the bionic hero with the giant shoes? The box of our hearts with our childhood cartoons in it?
    I think this song might be about too many things. I would have liked this song better if it were just the story of a sad or possibly shy anthropomorphic song. The parts about valuing money over art in the beginning and the stanza about what everybody _____ feel like they belongs in a different song. The parts of the song about the song are subtle, whimsy, witty and engaging. The everyone _____ stanza makes me as the listener feel like I’m being berated for not having better taste.
    The music video does nothing to help this song. I would have liked to see something like a cartoon or stop motion, something whimsical and other worldly. I would like to see it so much that I am tempted to hold a contest of some kind to find a better music video for this song.

  21. gopher23

    Despite this not quite being the best music video ever, I have to say it definitely made me want to see/hear more of nehedar.

  22. paul

    No diggity was covered by Klaxons a couple of years ago, it came back in style. You’re not fit to review music. Go back to pretending being cool and real!

  23. kat

    seriously, chicky? nehedar? this song? that’s what you choose to pick on? it’s sweet, fresh, quirky, creative and delightful! and nehedar – bursting with raw talent and beauty. seriously?

  24. Bill

    I like the song! It has a plaintive quality and the vocal lingers. I don’t know about the viseo because in general I prefer music to stir my own visuals and not be force fed a collective one—but I find the video no better or worse than any other–I just don’t like music video! The song though passes my litmus test of: Do I want to hear it again–and the answer is yes!

  25. mike b

    chicky is really reaching. next week, i hear he’s going to write a hateful review of the free samples of Tide that he got in his newspaper.

    p.s.: this song reminds me of those really catchy TMBG songs. Not the dumb catchy ones, but the good catchy ones.

  26. DT

    I’ve been following Nehedar for quite a while and I was surprised at this thoughtless and dismissive review. She’s genuinely talented and her music is always worth a second listen.

  27. JG

    I don’t know what song Chicky listened to, but I thought the Nehedar song he posted was pretty good. Maybe the video isn’t MTV worthy, but who cares…

    Thanks for exposing me to new music! Now how about a real review.

  28. Tlee

    I really liked the song. It is fun and sweet. And a cute video. Music is supposed to be fun, chill out!

  29. avigayil

    The point is that an artist worked hard to make a music video in which she performs the song she’s written and put her heart into. I like Nehedar, she is an amazing person and she takes seriously the work that she does. And if you don’t like it, that’s fine. Sure, we all like to read some snarky writing. But seriously – if you have been afforded space in a magazine (or whatever Heeb is), don’t use your platform to just knock down an artist. What does that benefit beside your ego? Promote an artist you love, make a positive difference for someone. All you do here is ruin someone’s day.

  30. mary

    I think you’re an asshole, Chicky–oh you said that…well, your review wasn’t even funny, so, was it worth it?

    Nehedar’s song is fun and sweet. She is a nice lady. What is your problem?

    Boo! Boo Heeb! Booooo!!

  31. DP

    I remember the days when Heeb Magazine was synonymous with family values – specifically, the values of the Manson Family.

  32. Pnina

    Guys I feel bad for Chicky. I think he didn’t understand the song and is asking us to explain it to him. Whoever can be bothered to explain, remember to use simple english & don’t confuse him. Anyway this is a great, fun, bouncy song, and even if you didn’t understand what is was about, It is still easy on the ears & nice to listen to.

  33. Happy Kat

    What a douchebag of a review. Crawl back in the hole you so regrettably crawled out of.

  34. Slev

    It’s strange that you would go so far out of your way to pick apart something so supposedly unimportant? Of the millions of YouTube videos to choose from. Nehedar’s video is easy and fun. Stop taking yourself so seriously because no one else does.

  35. Ariella

    “Chicky”….SERIOUSLY…you’re pathetic.You write as if this is one of your 1st reviews so you’re pretending to be some kind of hard ass to stand out? That’s the only explanation I could find for such stupidity. When I discovered this song & video it was refreshing to hear an upbeat meaningful song from an ARTIST who doesn’t need to put on fake lights & glimmer bullshit to call a video ART. Apparently Mr. Chicky BULLSHIT was all you were wanting to critique…& you didn’t get it from Nehedar…soo AWW you were a sad little dissappointed Hipster Jew & made a review of nothing but ego cuz you want someone to read it thinking your qualified to judge music. Based on these comments at least your BULLSHIT isn’t too believable :( I know Mr.Chicky your to busy trying to live up to your label as a Hipster jew & you feel like you have something to prove & trying to search for attention by writing ridiculous reviews as if you are potentially more talented…Don’t take your bullshit out on real artists…go whine on about how the tips of your perry loafers touched a puddle or something..(just a thought) I really hope Heeb takes note to this & attempts to find more appropriate people to judge talent & art.

  36. Kenneth J

    I just love Nehedar. I’ve been following her for years and her music is sweet and refreshing. The video is catchy and different from the usual BS you always see out there. Nehedar is a true, proven artist with a fast-growing and ever-loyal following. I have no idea what the heck Chicky is exactly since I don’t know him. While he is definitely entitled to his opinion, the way he expresses it makes him look like a super douche.

  37. Joline

    … instead of writing a mean-spirited “review” (I agree with the above comment that this doesn’t really qualify as such), it would have been great if Chicky would have taken the time to share some research and real information about Nehedar with the readers of Heeb…

    I’m grateful to all of the comments though! My knowledge of Nehedar is minimal, but I just went to their website and some of the songs are awesome!(I have been listening to eggshells quite a bit…). Thank you!

    And I would be quite interested in reading a real review of Nehedar’s work in the future…

  38. Joline

    … instead of writing a mean-spirited “review” (I agree with the above comment that this doesn’t really qualify as such), it would have been great if Chicky would have taken the time to share some research and real information about Nehedar with the readers of Heeb…

    I’m grateful to all of the comments though! My knowledge of Nehedar is minimal, but I just went to their website and some of the songs are awesome!(I have grown fond of ‘eggshells’). Therefore, thank you readers of Heeb (I guess Heeb too, then)!

    Also, I would actually be quite interested in reading a real review of Nehedar’s work in the future…

  39. James

    I’m happy to say that I’m currently working with Nehedar to promote her album “High Tide”, which is a very good album with some profound material on it.

    Regardless of what the reviewer thought of this track and video, I’m surprised they would first off, write so poorly, and second of all, go after someone so aggressively like that. It could be a tactic to get us commenting, and if that’s the case, it’s worked for Heeb Magazine, but I don’t think it’s earning them much respect.

    So if you want to read real reviews of Nehedar’s work, don’t worry. They are already popping up and will continue to do so over the coming months. She deserves it.


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