What happens to a song that goes on YouTube and only gets 300 views? Does it die–consequently sparing us of the few minutes of life we might have wasted on a Tumblr about cats? Nehedar ironically poses this question in her latest music video “The Song No One Hears”:

“What happens to the song no one hears? Can it come back again in a few hundred years?”

Nehedar tries to be philosophical, but fails miserably. Her song is uninteresting but just for the hell of it, I’ll take the bait and answer her rhetorical question with a question of my own: What happened to 90s sensation Blackstreet and their famed song “No Diggity”? Already nobody gives a shit about that song and it was performed just 20 years ago. So to answer your question Nehedar, no, songs don’t come back and neither will yours.

The video itself is equally confusing (you’ll find that out if you actually watch it.) For some reason random people (friends/family members?) stand in the background for way too long holding up cardboard signs of popular albums and songs titles. Is this supposed to be funny? Ironic? Or are you trying to say that in 300 years your song will be as irrelevant as Abbey Road’s “B-sides”?

And why are you on a beach with what appears to be some dude who was rejected from the cast of Jersey Shore? Considering you are a Jewish hippie chick, is this one of your terrible acid flashbacks from the Negev?

Please explain what is going on in this video and why we should remember it in 100 years.