Shit Zionists Say is Yet Another One of Those Annoying Videos

I want to proclaim a Jihad against this Shit ________ Say video. Not just because the entire meme stopped being funny after the first five videos (I’m being generous). And not just because they heavy-handed the entire Israeli-Palestinian conflict into a crudely edited and somewhat redundant video (Shit Girls Say, the original meme, clocked in under 1:30; this one goes on an interminable 5:15). It’s because they’ve created a politicized Shit ________ Say video for the sole purpose of trolling. Yes, that’s right. I know my own kind, and this video is only meant to anger the many, many, many (as I’ve noticed via Heeb commenters) tightly-wound, highly opinionated Jewish people.

Now someone out there will notice that most, if not all the people, in this video are Jewish. This just means you can’t call them anti-Semitic. But you can call them exceptionally lazy.

I run I’ve become unintentionally keen on noticing lazy jokes based on lazy stereotyping (for an Example, see my lazy post on Nehedar, or anything written on the internet mentioning ‘Hipsters’). It’s like Ann Coulter or Steve Crowder gave these people extensive pointers on how to make terribly unfunny, highly divisive videos. Shouldn’t these people instead be making unfunny PSAs about why stereotypes are hurtful? Or why Alan Dershowitz is the anti-Christ in human form? I suppose at this point I’m supposed to give some feedback about how they could have made this video interesting, but I don’t want another Shit ________ Say video, so I’ll just be a condescending dick instead.

What do you think?

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10 Responses

  1. Farrah

    At 1 minute 19 seconds I wanted to kill myself from watching this drivel. Chicky, thank you for bringing this to our attention. I’m going to climb into a hole now and be very ashamed.

  2. Matt

    it completely lacks sense of humor. This is just a video that mocks things that Zionists say, regardless of validity. I could make a funnier video than this.

  3. PHAN

    Wow, Chicky. You’re not kidding when you call yourself a hipster. You’ve gotten all defensive while pretending to be aloof.

  4. adam

    “i’m so postmodern and un-PC and totally unlike those racist middle americans who i’m so much better than, but if someone criticizes israel for being an ethnocratic jewish state that oppresses it’s indiginous population, i’m going to whine and call you an anti-semite and turn into a gigantic reactionary with no self-awareness” <— shit zionist hipsters say

  5. Woody

    “I don’t have anything to say about general issues in society and, in fact, laughed at the “Shit _____ Say” videos’ broad commentary on society. Lacking any substantive creative skill or real self-awareness, I had to go with my ethnically populist views to generate an attractive comment. Hey, maybe I can submit it in my application for yet another free “advocacy” trip to Israel.” <— more shit zipsters say.

  6. Irwin Wikler

    In the voice-over at the beginning of the video, who was speaking about culture and ethnicity, etc.?

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    […] I saw the Hunger Games and it made me feel emotions briefly. Now that I have watched it, let us laugh at Hipsters, because that is the logical next step. Laughing at Hipsters is always finny, especially in parody form. So laugh laugh laugh laugh your vinyl records away and other lazy cultural tropes because that is the entire existence of the internet. Make one funny joke and then wait for every other person to smash it and smash it and smash it into little meme pieces until you hate the original joke and you don’t know why but there is a feeling of hollowness inside your very soul (see: Shit ________ Says). […]


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