Is Chicky too Mean for Heeb?

Chicky is a Heeb contributor and an aspiring comedy writer. But he’s a bit of mean spirited bastard. Is he too mean? We’re not sure. So we ask you, dear readers, to weigh in.

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What do you think?

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15 Responses

  1. Motti

    If he was funny that would be one thing, but this guy was just biting for the sake of seeming edgy, dont get me wrong i like my comedy mean, i cant wait for every new episode of “Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia” but this was a pointless atack under the guise of biting comedy…

  2. SPF

    as near as I can tell, Chicky has contributed just two articles to Heeb under his byline. One has no comments. He’s a writer that doesn’t seem to write very much. So who really cares if he stays or goes? Being a quality publication, surely Heeb wouldn’t keep him around just to troll for eyeballs and ad impressions.

  3. Chicky

    It was really hard, but I couldn’t disagree with 3 facts: 1) I am a mean spirited bastard. 2) I have a hipster ass (by that, my ass is flat, terribly white, and bony), 3) I look like such a douche in my picture. Cigar? Really? What a tacky asshole.

  4. mishuga

    I think folk musicians definitely deserve to be ridiculed, but only as a group. I abstain.

  5. Schmagin

    I don’t know. Like someone else said, I love mean spirited comedy. But there is a thin line between funny and just mean. I say a few more articles to see how it goes.

  6. SASS

    I’m biased, as I have a predilection for scrawny white guys. Especially ones who wear hipster Clark Kent glasses. Yowza.

  7. Aaron

    Your two voting options are misleading. I think he should stay BECAUSE he’s a mean-spirited bastard. If that’s all it takes to get fired, then we all deserve to be fired. Every single one of you.

  8. Aaron

    He’s a total douche. that’s how this group stays fresh, like a summer’s evening.

  9. Tim Lieder

    This magazine still exists? I mean, it’s still around? I thought it went the way of Spy Magazine (only with less sadness).

  10. Tim Lieder's Mom

    Tim Lieder still exists? I mean, he’s still around? I thought he went the way of JDub Records (only with more obliviousness).

  11. Tlee

    I think this review was mean spirited, but even more unsettling is that is wasn’t a review, no substance.

  12. aaron black

    Keep Chicky! Why you may ask? His post got 51 comments, 51 people were so effected by his post that they actually went through the trouble of stating their opinion on why he’s a douche bag (he’s actually a pretty cool guy in real life). But getting back on point, lets review what evoked the wrath of the internet? An article on an obscure folk artist. He was not doing a piece on something that was guaranteed traffic, but on something so trivial the only reason people read it at all was to gawk at how it was written. Mark my words, an article written by chicky will always produce traffic because we are all opinionated douche bags who love to hate people and express our opinions on bullshit to an audience of screaming lunatics. True story.


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