An American in England

Through existential self-pity, I resurrected my inflamed tonsils with Dickensian grandeur – and I imagined – or, I should say, tried to imagine – how happy I'd have been to be born (and, soon enough, died) a Briton.

Fat Jew Wants a Job

Behold Fat Jew as he crashes a Heeb editorial meeting, gets all up on Editor-in-Chief Erin Hershberg while the rest of us cower and hide, confused as all hell.
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It seems to us that at the point at which Satanism is an officially recognized religion in the army, you can't really argue that letting gays in the military is sending the wrong message.
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Leo Contemplates Removing Cap

Leonardo Dicaprio may be set to join the ranks of such luminaries as Ike Turner, Nell Carter, and Sammy Davis Jr. No, he’s not becoming black, sillies—he’s contemplating converting!
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My Journey with ED

For a while, I silently battled a deeply personal issue that left me feeling embarrassed and defeated: erectile dysfunction (ED). It's not a topic I ever thought I'd be discussing openly as a radio host, but I...

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