MTA New York City Subway for Jews

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Print out our map and begin complaining about the spots we can’t be forgiven for leaving out.

<i>Content: Heeb Staff; Design: Robert McKee</i>

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  1. Linda Gelman

    Bronx Science (Bedford Pk. Blvd.)- where the smart Jewish kids went before the Asians got smarter

  2. JD

    And no mention of Crown Heights? What the hell? Also, there should be more mention of the Lower East Side, since there were/are about a million little Jewish shops there (it’s where my grandfather bought supplies for his tailoring business…)

  3. Daniel Sieradski

    Apparently you guys have never heard of Washington Heights, Riverdale, Kew Gardens or Crown Heights. NYC knowledge FAIL. Here’s a far more accurate map of NYC’s Jewish communities:

  4. Yael Abramowitz

    that photoshop intern you’re looking for… you know you can never replace me

  5. Gigi

    When you refer to “some female relative,” do you mean she went to Hunter College, or Hunter College High School? If the latter, then your arrow is misdirected; since the 1970s, the once all-female high school (Elana Kagan’s alma mater, and my own) is at 94th and Park, not on the campus of the college.

  6. Ellis Simon

    You should have included the stop on the #1 train at 137th Street/City College

    “You’re uncle Morty went to college here – for free.”


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