22 · The Future Issue

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D-I-Y Lox

This recipe is not just a great take on a classic—it's also a terrific way to make your New Year's resolutions stick. Trying to save money? Make your own lox instead of buying it at the overpriced gourmet store...
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The year is 2020—the massage parlors are empty. Millions of dejected prostitutes have gone back to school. And Hasidic Jews all over the world are achieving sexual fulfillment within the confines of their own h...
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Grave New World

Sitting down at the table with Howard Bloom, Mitchell Joachim, Daniel Pinchbeck and Douglas Rushkoff is worse than sitting down with your grandmother. At least your grandmother feeds you after she frightens you about where the world is headed.
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Shore Thing

I'm taking a piss in the foulest men's room in Coney Island when Artemis Pebdani bursts in. Apparently unconcerned that I might consider the act of urination to be a private moment, the actress pulls a lighter ...
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Nice Jewish Aliens

We don't know if any of those stars twinkling up above have six points, but we're not the first to wonder whether the planets they're orbiting keep kosher. If a UFO were to land tomorrow, we should be so lucky ...

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