Tweet Revenge

Israel’s responses to Hamas terror have long been a lighting rod for the Jewish state’s critics, and we suspect that, in keeping with tradition, one dead Palestinian terrorist (in this case, Hamas terror boss Ahmed Jabari) will weigh more heavily in the minds of the world’s great moralizers than tens of thousands of Syrian civilians.  As for Jewdar, not only do we applaud the IDF’s military actions, but we are glad to see that they are finally taking their asymmetrical warfare seriously, and have introduced cyberbullying into their arsenal.  Not only did the IDF announce the attacks on Hamas terror chief Jabari and the Hamas missile sites on Twitter, but they then proceeded to get into a flame war with the Al-Qassam brigade.  No clue as to when or how this campaign will end, but so far, Israel is totally winning, and we’re hoping that before this is all over, Hamas loses twitter followers.  Lots and lots of twitter followers.

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The Tel Aviv-born, Milwaukee-bred Jewdar has a bachelors' from the University of Wisconsin, a Masters from NYU, and an Honorable Discharge from the US Army, where he spent two years as an infantryman in the 101st Airborne Division. He's the co-author of "The Big Book of Jewish Conspiracies", the Humor Editor of Heeb Magazine, and a watcher of TV. Smarter than most funny people, funnier than most smart people, he lives on the Lower East Side with his wife and two sons.

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  1. Yid Vicious
    Joshua Neuman

    I’m just relieved that Jewdar is, in fact, still alive. He bears a striking resemblance to the recently eliminated Jabari.


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