Interview with Matthew Hess of ‘Foreskin Man’

Who is the right fit for the part?

Matthew Hess has upset a lot of Jews with his comic book series, “Foreskin Man.” We sat down with him to talk about that, and his preferred candidates to play Foreskin Man on the big screen.

Who would play Foreskin man in a summer blockbuster?

There has been a lot of speculation about that lately! At this point I don’t have a pick yet. But if Heath Ledger were still alive I think he would have been perfect for the role. For sure it would be a different type of character for him, but he had all of the important traits to play both Miles Hastwick and Foreskin Man. Sadly, Heath is no longer with us.

Are you more interested in ending routine male circumcision or promoting your comic book series?

I’m primarily interested in ending MGM [Male Genital Mutilation], and the Foreskin Man comic book series is a means to achieve that goal. However, I must confess that I find writing comic books to be a lot more fun than writing legislation.

Are you circumcised?

Yes, I was circumcised in a hospital shortly after birth. Almost every other penis I saw growing up was circumcised, too, and for a long time I never even knew that I had been cut.

Does your anti-circumcision stance get you laid more?

It does, but not in the way you might be thinking. Part of being an intactivist involved restoring my own foreskin as much as possible. The nerve endings didn’t grow back, of course, but I was able to completely reverse the keratinization damage by stretching my remaining shaft skin over the glans. When the head of the penis is kept moist and sensitive like nature intended, the result is a significant increase in sensation. The gliding mechanism of the foreskin is restored to some extent, as well. That combination allows me to perform much longer (and more gently) during sex than I could in the past.

What did you mean in your trailer that “They hate us because we are blond”?

Foreskin Man is being subjected to what I feel are racist comments about his Aryan/Nordic appearance. You don’t need to look hard to find those remarks in the press, and the underlying suggestion is that because Foreskin Man has blond hair, he is obviously a Nazi who is bent on destroying Jewish identity. I reject that connotation. Foreskin Man and his alter ego Miles Hastwick are reflective of my own German heritage, and I make no apologies for that. I am proud of who I am. And Foreskin Man is not at war with all Jews any more than he is at war with all doctors. Rather, he is at war with circumcisers who cut children by force. In the first issue the villain is a doctor, and in the second issue the villain is a mohel. Those are the two most common types of circumcisers in the United States. In the third issue of Foreskin Man the focus will be on a different type of circumcision.

What do you hope to gain by engaging in what most people consider to be anti-Jewish imagery and accusations?

As I stated earlier, the images in Foreskin Man #2 are not anti-Jewish any more than the images in Foreskin Man #1 are anti-doctor. Rather, they are anti-mutilation of children. But I admit that the images were intentionally designed to provoke people. The Foreskin Man comics are an attempt to reach people at an emotional level – which is where our true humanity lies.

What do you think?

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35 Responses

  1. jewdar

    On some level, we feel this is all just a projection of Hess’ true desire to become a perfect prick

  2. Borg

    I think the correct spelling of Matt last name is Hoess, not Hess. As in Rudolf Hoess

  3. Dave

    wow. That’s some really hard hitting interviewing there. No wonder Heeb’s doing so well.

  4. jewdar

    We second CK’s comment and the spirit in which it was written, and suggest that all future comments please try and make some kind of penis reference.

  5. Hugh7

    Thanks, Borg. Rudolf Hoess is estimated to have killed a million people. Matthew Hess wrote a comic book. Get a grip.

  6. Fred Rhodes

    Guys with bad circumcision jobs commit mass murder/suicide more often than intact guys, so don’t worry, make jokes.

  7. jewdar

    Really Fred? Do you have any data to back that up? Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot…pretty sure all those guys had foreskins. Belgians in the Congo, unsnipped Hutu and Tutsi in Rwanda, primarily unsnipped. Tamil Tigers (the group that committed the most suicide bombings) unsnipped. Pogromists, unsnipped. Conquistadors, unsnipped. Aztecs cutting out peoples hearts, unsnipped, Tamurlane building pyramids of human skulls, unsnipped. Really, the list is pretty much endless.

    I’m not saying that they were violent because they were unsnipped; that would be stupid. About as stupid as attributing mass murder/ suicide to circumcision.

    But that said, the comparison with Rudolf Hoess (unsnipped) was a bit much, especially since if you want to make an absurd Nazi analogy, there’s already Rudolf Hess (unsnipped) which doesn’t require a name change.

  8. James Loewen

    Forced circumcision of children is an abomination, no matter that the excuses given are “medical” or “religious.”

    Bravo Matthew Hess for speaking out with clarity to protect children and help end this heinous, sexually abusive assaults on children’s healthy genitals.

  9. jewdar

    “Wah, wah, I’m a mewling manchild who doesn’t want to blame his inadequacies on myself, so instead I blame it on my mommy and daddy for snipping my foreskin off.”

    I’m busy getting ready for my primitive Sabbath festival, but I think that the most important thing at this point is that somebody come up with the name of a fictitious anti-circumcision organization using the acronym “SMEGMA”

  10. Fred Rhodes

    Smegma couldn’t be worse than crap and yellow snot and green flem and bloody old mentral juices and bad breath and smelly arm pits and crotches. It’s just part of belonging to the spirit of the human species. Why stop at the male prepuce? Circumcise all your discusting body parts instead of educating yourselves on keeping them clean The punishment of the sacrificial covenant of a religious, ritual, routine lobotomy will prevent you from offending your god.

  11. MichaelWarriorOfLove

    First of all, Jewdar, it’s not a snip, it’s fucking child rape with a knife, torture, mutilation and performing human vivisection on living children! Second, you just offended 85% of the intact men and women on this planet. The cheese is in your head and not under our foreskins. You obviously believe all these lies and myths. Third you don’t even know how much pleasure they cut away from you when you were a defenseless child and you open your mouth to defend this shit. Sex without a foreskin is like a bike without pedals. Are you a fucking child rape promoting circer jerk or even one of those disgusting circumcisers or why do you do defend this crime?

  12. MichaelWarriorOfLove

    If those God damned Circerjerks think they could make us stop protecting children from this most despicable of all sex crimes by pulling the old anti-semit card each time we say something against them then they are wrong like always. The Jewish, Muslim and even some of those deceived Christians that had their children mutilated by them will soon realize that they have been deceived by snakes in disguise that infiltrated their religions and misused the word God and medicine to make obedient slaves out of them and to suck money out of their pockets while playing the holy men or all knowingly quacks. All those jerks that now think they could forbid the ban of this child rape crime are now being recorded and we will keep their speeches, photos and data as evidence for judgment day which is the day when they are getting arrested and trialed by the awakened people. Foreskin Man is just the beginning of the world wide revolution against those pathetic liars; those cruel, compassionless and sadistic child torturing bastards and people deceivers! Circumcision aka Genital mutilation and child torture would not exist without them and it will seize to exist once we are through with them! We will not rest until every child on this planet is protected from the knives of those evil Torturejerks!

  13. James Loewen

    Bravo MichaelWarriorOfLove! you are describing forced circumcision as it is, child rape. Surgical rape. The pathetic excuses of this child abuse is wearing very thin.

  14. jewdar

    I offended 85 percent of the intact men and women on the planet? What about the other 15 percent of intact men and women on the planet? Are they the ones that have a sense of humor and perspective? And what exactly are these “intact women?” Women with foreskins?

  15. James Loewen

    For your information jewdar, and from your comments so far it seems you need the most obvious explained to you, in this context intact men and women are those whose genitals have been left intact (whole) not forcibly cut and mutilated as children or young adults.

    This is a basic human right, bodily integrity.

  16. MichaelWarriorOfLove

    There is no place for humor when talking about this most despicable and most disgusting sex crime committed on children, jewdar. You obviously don’t know that all female and male humans are born with a foreskin also known as prepuce. Go educate yourself about the most basic anatomy and human rights before you open your mouth on this topic.

  17. ThisIsSaei

    Hi Jewdar.

    What part of a “sense of humor” or “perspective” makes forced genital mutilation funny? Maybe if you had George Carlin say it?

    Oh, hold on, I got one. What has no foreskin and uses ad hominem attacks to belittle people who find taking a knife to a child wrong?

  18. jewdar

    I know what “Intact” means, but you should be aware that women don’t have foreskins.

  19. ThisIsSaei

    Technical reply without actually addressing the point made. -2 points.

  20. James Loewen

    The foreskin (prepuce) of a woman is commonly referred to as the clitoral hood. Every male and female has a foreskin. Those who argue otherwise, as if an imagined absence of a body part in a female would justify sexual mutilation of a male infant, indicate clearly how willful ignorance perpetuate sexual mutilations of children.

  21. moe t.

    Hess is right. Mutilation of children is wrong and illegal under the human rights charta.

  22. Watch ‘The Goy Wonder’ | Heeb

    […] " "))]); }); This dude is so misinformed. Someone oughta tell him we don’t get bacon, lobster, or foreskin. Personally, I’d trade all the stuff he says we have for a Christmas tree and a nose without this […]


    I just think its crazy the “religious fraternity” claim we are made in “HIS’ image,,, and then in the next breath, well of course you are made in His image but we just need to disfigure you without your permission.
    Just like most wars all the shit happens due to religion. How dare anyone parent assume their male son is going to follow in their beliefs,, sounds like ultimate vanity to me. At least wait till the child is old enough to make his own mind up about this.

  24. Ismael

    Well said Michael Warrior of Love. Never before I had felt in so much agreement with someone. I think is selfish and insensibly as an adult to make a choice like that to a child without thinking if that is going to affect him emotionally, furthermore I am of the persons that think that every human being has the right to choose for themselves. Nowadays is so sad to see a society so attached to their beliefs that they will do things their own way. If I am not mistaken it is not in Bible that says God gave us all our free will, then I do not understand why people, specially those that claim to follow the ways are always trying to manipulate others way of thinking.


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