Fat Jew Wants a Job


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If you don’t know Fat Jew, the rowdy be-Jewfro’d raconteur and ball-tripping gunslinger, then listen up and feast your eyes on Jewther Vandross. He has been on the rise for some time so we were a little surprised when he asked to come to a Heeb editorial meeting. We weren’t prepared for his glory and splendor. Behold Fat Jew as he crashes the meeting, gets all up on Editor-in-Chief Erin Hershberg while the rest of us cower and hide, confused as all hell. Our meetings will never be the same.

Photographer: Peter G.M. Svarzbein
Hair & Make-Up: Tovah Avigail
Jewelry: Allison Hertzberg
Assistant: Nicholas Shepard

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The international media conspiracy and/or the new Jew review. Take your pick.

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