Fat Jew: Spin Cycle Instructor To New York’s Homeless

As readers of this magazine probably know, we’re big fans of our friend Fat Jew (aka Fabrizio Goldstein, aka Jewther Vandross, aka “The King of Brunch“), so it’s with no small amount of pride that we share his new fitness effort to provide New York’s homeless population the same tone and musculature for which he’s known. After all, if there’s one thing New York’s less fortunate truly need, it’s a good cardio workout and some lean quads. Now, with CITI bikes docked on every other corner, New Yorkers of all stripes can work up a good sweat without paying ridiculous monthly gym fees.

Here’s Fat Jew, paying it forward:

Hail to thee, Fat Jew. We’d follow you anywhere (even if your bike is going nowhere.)

[via GothamistThe Crosby Press]

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