12 · The Love Issue

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Although we at Heeb demonstrate our love for the panoplies of mosaics of rainbows that is New York-area Ashkenazi Jewry (plus that one Persian girl with the adorable English accent), our detractors often label us "self-hating." The truth is, however, that we are inordinately and completely irrationally fond of ourselves. But that doesn't mean that we feel the same about all our fellow tribesmen and women. Below are some of the Jews from past and present who we absolutely love to hate.
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The Good Fight

Noa Sattath isn't afraid to cry. Though Israeli and hardly unfamiliar with Orthodox Jerusalem's animosity toward all things gay, the 30-year-old lesbian activist has been known to shed a tear or two. Her mos...
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*If those paparazzi photos from the red carpet are any indication, the rhinestone collar of yesteryear simply won't do it for today's fashion hound… or her dog. To meet a growing need, pet designers are creatin...

Epic Trip

Testament, by media theorist and culture critic Doug Rushkoff and Liam Sharp, is serialized as a monthly comic book from DC/Vertigo and then collected into a graphic novel every five or six issues — Testame...
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_Heeb_ Hookups

Ever since we started doing business five years ago, you've been telling us to start our own dating site. We hope this fashion shoot makes you happy, you horny little devils.

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