Buzz Off Buzzfeed, This Is How You Do A “Non-Jews Eating Jewish Food” Video

Buzzfeed’s ongoing exploration of non-Jews eating Jewish or Israeli food, like much of their output, both well produced, and astonishingly dull. It’s almost enough to make you wonder whether there’s any humor to be had at all in watching non-Jews do their best with the weirder side of Jewish (well, Eastern European Ashkenazic) cuisine.

Enter Meir Kalmanson.

Kalmanson, you may recall, is the bearded Jew behind the high-fiving, behind-the-scenes boogying videos featured on this site a while back. This time he stays behind the camera, and lets a series of non-Jewish participants sample the goods. But unlike Buzzfeed, whose idea of exotic Jewish food falls somewhere between “Matzo ball soup” and “Manischewitz,” Kalmanson brings out the goods: Fried chicken skin, stuffed beef intestine, and jelly made from calves feet.


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