The High-Fiving Bearded Jew Is Back To Dance Like A Maniac Behind Unsuspecting Israelis

When last we saw Meir Kalmanson he was rushing up to high-five random New Yorkers just trying to hail a goddamned cab. Sure, unsolicited hand-slapping is the sort of thing that would ordinarily be enough to turn an average cab hailing NY’er into white-hot supernova of fury, but Meir was just so damn enthusiastic it was hard not to like him for sheer style.

Now Meir’s back in a new video put out this week, and while he’s no longer doing the skin-on-skin thing, he’s still inserting himself into other people’s everyday routines: This time by dancing like a total maniac behind entirely unsuspecting, totally disinterested Israelis. The dude grooves pretty much exactly the way you’d expect a white dude named “Meir Kalmanson” to, but once again, his infectious enthusiasm is enough to overcome most of his rhythm deficiencies.


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