An American in England

Through existential self-pity, I resurrected my inflamed tonsils with Dickensian grandeur – and I imagined – or, I should say, tried to imagine – how happy I'd have been to be born (and, soon enough, died) a Briton.
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Confessions From My Crotch

It’s an unpredictable twist, bubbelah. That you will find images of these curly-haired, big-nosed women getting humped (and kind of hackneyedly complaining about it) the ultimate object of erotic devastation.

Fat Jew Wants a Job

Behold Fat Jew as he crashes a Heeb editorial meeting, gets all up on Editor-in-Chief Erin Hershberg while the rest of us cower and hide, confused as all hell.
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Hair Cubed

Some people will do anything to avoid being bald. Even going Jew.

The Wicked Child

A woman from an Orthodox family rejoins them for the seder, and finds herself negotiating her position as the wicked child.