We’ll admit, our desire to see NJG Loren Rabinowitz walk away with the Miss America crown wasn’t completely altruistic—while we would have loved her to win for her own sake, there was a dark part inside of Jewdar that was hoping that her victory would trump Arab-American Rima Fakih’s win at Miss USA last year

Don’t get us wrong; we sincerely wished Rima nothing but the best, but what can we say, old habits die hard.  Sadly, Loren didn’t win, or even place; the closest the Tribe came was Top 12 finisher Miss Texas, whose bio might note that she belongs to a church, but whose name and face make it clear that she’s got more than a touch of the Torah-brush.

Still, hot Jewesses haven’t strutted away completely empty handed from pageants this past year. Back in September, bodybuilder Erin Stern (above) won first place in the Ms. Figure Olympia competition, and aside from appreciating the irony of an NJG with a title named for the home of the Greek gods, we’re pretty sure that if Erin and Rima went into the cage, Erin would be the one walking out.