Would You Get a Load Of These Two Singing Jews

On FX’s The League they play father and daughter Rupert and Rebecca Ruxin (son/brother Rodney Ruxin is, of course, Nick Kroll) but in real life Jeff Goldblum and Sarah Silverman are actually a disgustingly adorable pair of pals who do things like film themselves giggling and singing big band numbers.

Here’s J+S belting out the 1927 Al Jolson classic “Me and my Shadow,” complete with added lyrics and the sort of ridiculous banter that only the very talented/very high could get away with.

“Largo,” if you’re wondering, is the LA club where Sarah regularly performs, and filmed her 2013 “We Are Miracles” HBO comedy special.

Jeff and and Sarah were slated to appear together in Silverman’s never-got-off-the-ground NBC sitcom Susan: 313, the unaired pilot for which popped up briefly online, but which has since been removed. Bummer, considering these two clearly play awfully nice with one another.

Oh, and Goldblum, in case you were wondering, has a regular gig playing jazz at LA’s Rockwell restaurant, during which – who knows? – he might someday invite up a certain HEEB covergirl as his special duet guest.

Stranger things have happened.

[h/t The Daily Dot]

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