World’s Most Offensive Jewish Car Blames Boston Bombing On Gay Marriage

Brooklynites have known about the Toyota Scion XB covered with insanely offensive bumper stickers for quite a while now. Here’s what the car looked like, when it was profiled in Gothamist last month.


Charming, right?

With slogans like “A Good Woman is a Subservient Frum [religious] Housewife”  and  “God Sent AIDS to Punish Male Gays” is it really any wonder that these clowns would use something as horrific as Boston Marathon Bombings as a springboard to workshop some new, even more offensive slogans? 

Thanks to an eagle-eyed tipster who sent us the following pictures, the answer is no, no it is not. Looks as if the hate-mobile’s owners have been busy:


Talking in shul [synagogue]? Causes cancer.

Women in short shirts? Killing their children.

The Boston Marathon Bombings? Because of gay marriage.

car 018[1]

These orthodox Jewche-bags are SO incised by Massachusetts’ gay marriage, they think god sent… Muslim extremist terrorists? I can’t…even…huh??  Fortunately, it seems our tipster added a message of their own to this insanely shitty collage:

car 013[2]

Good on you, anonymous tipster! Always nice to see decent folks standing up to the Westboro Baptist Synagogue.

What do you think?

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18 Responses

  1. Craig

    I call it BS. In one picture there are less stickers, in another the stickers are moved around. Good try!

  2. RSS

    “There are less stickers”. Yes, as I said – that’s what the car looked like “last month”. Now, a month later, there are *more* stickers. I know it’s complicated, Craig, but try to keep up, okay?

  3. David Levy

    Craig, perhaps you might familiarize yourself with the phenomenon of magnetic bumper stickers, which enable you to be offensive without lowering the resale value of your vehicle.

    Although I kind of like “Shul talkers cause cancer.”

  4. TlalocW

    You would think a Jew of all people wouldn’t be so fast to blame all of society’s problems (or perceived problems) on one segment of society.

  5. Daniel Sieradski
    Daniel Sieradski

    He’s trying to get someone to set his car on fire so he can collect the insurance. Smart yid!

  6. Bryan Baruch

    I’m studying diligently for a Modern O conversion, and while yes, I have to accept that every word of Torah is Holy and G-d-given, I haven’t been asked by anyone to accept that every word of Torah is LITERALLY true. 5773 years old? The UNIVERSE? Literally? Not even Chabad rabbis have gone there.

  7. Mike Shapiro

    It’s obvious that these people aren’t Jewish. He/she appears to be a member of a cult that broke away from Judaism, just as the first century Christians did.

    I know this because, in my almost 70 years of experience, I’ve never heard of actual Jews taking this sort of attitude.

  8. freeradical

    Your journalistic integrity is in the gutter. Don’t you bother to check out your sources? Or do blatant fabrications get rushed into print when “certain” Jews are suspected of violating your hipster values. Months ago I saw the same phantom car with other phantom stickers. At least have the decency to apologize to your subscribers.

  9. Y-Love

    This van is 100% legit. The guy’s name is Heshy something-or-other. I’m trying to get a positive ID on the guy and the van.

  10. freeradical

    If you have trouble getting a “positive ID”, Y-Love, then maybe one of your informants would be willing to disclose who blacked out Heshy-yid’s license plate in the photo. The tag number is all it would take to blow his cover and hopefully bring some sense of closure to the victims of this religious pervert.

  11. Anonym

    I agree with white slip of paper…except that last part. That’s going a little too far.


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