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crapCrap Cannon: Israel sprays putrid liquid to control West Bank crowd (RT)

The 50 Comedians You Should and Will Know (Vulture)

Minor Tragedies on the Internet: A Yearly Diary (The Hairpin)

The Soapbox: I Don’t Want Your Yellow Fever (The Frisky)

The Anne Frank Fund on the Anne Frank Foundation: They’re acting like Nazis (The Independent)

If you see something gross, snap something gross: straphangers chronicle subway schlubs (NY Post)

Jill Soloway is having a pretty good year (Deadline)

Curtis Sliwa scammed ex to give child support to mistress, lawsuit claims (NY Daily News)

A 1793 review of a Jewish prostitute in London (On The Mainline)

Thousands of Israelis take to the streets to protest austerity measures (Haaretz) (Aljazeera)

Israeli PM criticized for installing a $127,000 bed on London flight (The Globe and Mail)

Israel: Moran Mazor debuts new music video (

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