Watch “The Last Jewish Waiter” In Action

It’s tough to explain the old school, “fuck you, pay me” New York attitude; that precious commodity which grows all the rarer as so much of Americas greatest metropolis turns into faux-suburban meh. But, if “I’ll know it when I see it” was good enough for Potter Stewart trying to define pornography, then it’s good enough for us when trying to define this. And, where better to “see it” than in the life The Last Jewish Waiter creator David Manheim – An overworked, under-appreciated, kvetchy waiter at that classic New York institution: Katz’s Deli.

It’s worth nothing that Manheim is probably not, in fact, the actual last Jewish waiter. Still, that shouldn’t stop you from watching, laughing, and tipping at least 20%.

What do you think?

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  1. Tony

    I loved it! David Manheim doesn’t have to act…just be himself.

  2. simon

    oh yeah ? That’s how David Manheim TRULY is ? Wow, that makes this video even better !


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