World Mourns France’s Serial Killer Muslim, Not Neo-Nazi

Jewdar will give the French credit; they have a real knack for making the best out of a bad situation. It doesn’t take much ingenuity to turn lemons into lemonade, but to turn moldy cheese into Roquefort? Brilliant (and let’s not get started on turning 4 years of collaboration into a story of heroic resistance). So we were not terribly surprised by the tack the French were taking after the shootings in Toulouse. Suddenly, all were aflutter at the prospect that the shooters were neo-Nazis, equal opportunity haters who target not just minorities, but the very essence of French society itself (did we mention how heroic the French Resistance to the Nazis was?). some  decried the joint racism of the attacks, and protesters took to the streets to protest the racism of a French society that “kills Blacks, Jews and Arabs.”(see picture, above)

Sadly, this harmony has been shattered by the reality that the shooter seems not to have been an Adolf, but a Muhammed–Muhammed Merah, to be precise. According to reports, Mr. Merah is an Al-Quaeda enthusiast who’d spent some time in Afghanistan. Even worse, he claims that his shooting of the Jewish kids was in retaliation for Israeli killing of Palestinians.

Okay, tell the university students to go home. There’s no racism to protest here. But everybody should be back here, same time tomorrow, for a demonstration against the blockade of Gaza.

What do you think?

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The Tel Aviv-born, Milwaukee-bred Jewdar has a bachelors' from the University of Wisconsin, a Masters from NYU, and an Honorable Discharge from the US Army, where he spent two years as an infantryman in the 101st Airborne Division. He's the co-author of "The Big Book of Jewish Conspiracies", the Humor Editor of Heeb Magazine, and a watcher of TV. Smarter than most funny people, funnier than most smart people, he lives on the Lower East Side with his wife and two sons.

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  1. TNS

    Everyone loves to fight Nazis — it takes little effort or bravery to fight an ideology that was utterly defeated half a century ago and banished to a few drunken skinheads. When it comes to standing up to a a murderous ideology that is actually relevant today — Islamic extremism –, suddenly many start to sound a lot like their collaborator forefathers.

  2. Goodbye Columbus

    Sadly, this is likely just the tip of the iceberg. Jews throughout the world must be more vigilant than ever. We must realize that there is an existential threat to our people throughout the world. Historically we have been good at dying. We need to change history and get good at living. Jewdar is on the money. Today, the French are with the Jews of Toulouse. Tomorrow, the French will protest against Israel’s right to exist. F them. Never again.


    I m french, and on Monday evening was on the march organised by the biggest jewish student association (UEJF).
    When you say the french people was on the street, I have to complete your sentence by saying that french people and for 90% of them, JEWISH people were on the street. Therefore, I guess those people and I included won’t “be back here, same time tomorrow, for a demonstration against the blockade of Gaza”! except for, perhaps, the jewish left wing intelligentsia… This march was however amazing, for one thing because of the crowd of people, gathering in silence and against crimes such as what happened in Toulouse.
    But moreover, and i can add that because I come from a town in the south of France, only 200 km from Toulouse (sorry for the metric system American friends), but i also knew and know a number of people going to this school! We, jews of the south of France, all knew the victim and know the families’victims : it really creeped and still creeps me!
    Now in France, I guess that, what will change is unfortunately not the view of the Jewish people, but more the view about Terrorism (1st attack of Djihadist in France, after the 9/11 attacks). What will be interesting to see, is now the presidential campaign occuring here in May and the results after this tragedy that has moved France…


    MASTER: Where did the Killer come from–
    WOMAN: Just a LE PEN Pawn–he is actually BrainWashed and hypnotized–on the Board of the ‘Messiah’….but he is Not the Worst of Frances Problems–with the ‘Messiahs’ MASKED ANONS recruited four ONE Ultimate Purpose of CRASHING French Networks and Systems to Destroy her Government–of course The World usually falls–four the Wolf in LambSkin–like something out of Little Red Riding Hood–those Anarchist Posers REALLY have their Plastic Mask on Tight–unless you were Prophetic or Extremely Insightful–you probably would just Laugh them off as an ‘Alien Joke’….when the TRUTH is–all of that Alien Ideology at its Roots–came from the Same Cult that Inspired and Crowned Hitler and gave him his ‘Messiah’ glow–EVERYBODY Loved Hitler at first–when he was Just a Cultist–he even deceived Many Jews–into voting four him–NOBODY seas The Wolf in LambSkin–until after we are all skinned out of our Democracy–and 100,000 Android ChipHeads start invading–THAT killer was merely a ChipHead–totally programmed by The ‘Messiah’….and to THIS DAY nobody has Connected the ‘Messiah’ to the Murder of Legend Bob Marley and just as his Con System CoverUp–RAEL had one of His Recruitment who is Running Wikipedia–ReWrite–the DeathStory of Legend Bob–and now they blame the murder on “Cancer”….and at THAT precise Moment Legend Bob Died–the island was Hijacked by Clonaid and Rael–and Thousands of Fools–believed Rael to bee the new ‘Rasta-God’…Ahaaa–when there is NOTHING Rasta about Rael–well–like an Ashed Jean Frenchie Peasant of Arc or Ark–how Eye Love SHARKozy–and Wish in the Name of The Ashed Witchie Prophetes gone Ghosted Saint-Card–that IF ONLY My Shark had not been Scammed Down with Some Bogus Slander Scandal–because So Many politicians have been BOUGHT by Le Pen–there is no point Revealing More–nobody Realizes the Prophecies until AFTER Greek Cassandra is Dead and Helen of Troy has Had Her Bloody Day–it is only in Retrospect people get less stupid–
    MASTER: What is His ShowDown–
    WOMAN: Playing the ACTA on the ANON and by Recruiting the ANON to *mix* with the Genuine Law-Abiding Activists–the ACTA Force just Blends the TRUE Ghandis and MLKs with the ‘Poser-Tyranny’ SO THAT–the ‘Messiahs’ Depopulation Plan is in Full Affect now that Clonaid has Monsanto by its Ecocidal Ankles–
    MASTER: What Depopulation–
    WOMAN: The ‘Messiahs’ LAW under His Order is that at least HALF (4 now) of the *WombBorn* population must bee Extinguished–BUT that is just to Make Room four his CloneHead Hypnotized Dummies–to take the World as ‘The Creators’….and give his Loyal Accomplice room to turn the WombBorn DOLLY with Ecocidal Monsanto around one finger and China Apple around the other–WHO could possibly Stop the ‘Messiah’ now–he has HUGH GRANT Aliened Out and Hugh has the WHOLE world in Petrified Agony–and Broken Tears as Brazils Endangered DROP to Agent-Orange–so a Priceless Irreplaceable RainForest can bee cleared four Bridge to Lab Out–and do her Sicko Mutations and Recombinations that SHE lives four–along with Monsantos Eugenicist Core–and since the ‘Messiah’ has Such a Cannibal Fetish–Of Course–Monsanto is putting HUMAN BYPRODUCTS in Our Crops–you can’t even Drink a Cola anymore–without drinking extractions from a Baby–
    MASTER: How did you find that out–
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    MASTER: What is He Doing Now
    WOMAN: Spilling Radiation in Okinawa and sending it By Sea to Hawaii–and dictating to Asias Leaders as with Irans FarryCanny–they Do with their Nuclears WHATEVER RAEL SAYS–it has been ‘Established’ in ASIA that supposedly ‘Rael’ is the ‘Savior’ and Supreme Omniscient predicted in their ‘Holy Books’….so he just Multiplies his Temples until he can Laugh at US all–and turn on his own–and OWN the world–but Oh how the ‘Messiah’ is in Anger and Anxiety over OBAMA because supposedly Rael Owns the BASES in Asia where Obamas Troops are–

    Rachel X

  5. Walter

    Not only did the French willingly collaborate, but, in a sense, their insistence that the terms of Versailles be exceedingly harsh indirectly led to the rise of Hitler and WWII. If the French hadn’t punished the Germans for adopting democracy, the world might be a very different place today.


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