WATCH: “Pickle Juice” – A Short Film About The Briny Side Of Heartbreak

It seems this week we’re in the midst of a pickle boom, of sorts. First we get experimental gherkin art, and now this: A short film simply titled “Pickle Juice.”

Ostensibly this could be categorized as a “mystery” I suppose; We never learn who this girl – played by actress Olivia May – is, and why she’s so sad. A prom night disaster? Perhaps. But who brings dozens of pickles to prom? (The coolest fucking kid in school, that’s who.) All we know for certain is that there’s solace to be found at the bottom of a briny bowl of Half-Sours.

Pickle Juice is the wonderfully twisted brainchild of Jordan Sharon and Keith Hamm, whose Cousins production team created the short film, recognizing that there’s something unnervingly beautiful about a pretty woman attacking a Kosher Dill with reckless abandon (their 2012 short “Olive Juice” is a slightly more explicit, Kalamata-based expression of the same sentiment.)

If only we’d thought of that in, say, our 2009 Germany issue

[via TWBE]

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