You’ll Never Look At A Gherkin The Same Way Again


To be completely honest, as far as pickles go I’ve never been a huge fan of gherkins. I always figured if you’re gonna eat a pickle, then eat a fucking pickle (or use it to de-ice the sidewalk) – Don’t dick around with a garnish.

Well, thanks to food weirdos Bompas & Parr, I’ve finally learned what dark secrets lie hidden inside the briny depths of your average, everyday gherkin, and boy was I wrong to write them off.

It turns out that with just a little voltage (okay actually, a lot of voltage) the unimposing gherkin is transformed into a glowing death trap / po-mo food-art. Behold! The “Gherkin Chandelier”:

Chandelier co-creator Sam Bompas explained to

The sodium chloride or salt contained within gherkins reacts to an electric current, lighting up, fizzing and crackling while forming a burnt vinegary smell […] It’s mind-bogglingly dangerous. If you’re near it when it is turned on you will certainly be electrocuted.

Just one more reason to stick with Kosher dill and never look back.

[h/t @poritsky]

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