GWAR Frontman David “Oderus Urungus” Brockie Dead At 50

David Brockie, known to most as Oderus Urungus, the 43 billion year old lead singer for extraterrestrial shock-rock titans GWAR, was found dead this morning in his Richmond Virginia Apartment. He was actually, tragically only 50.

There’ll be plenty of time to sift through his 30 year legacy of extraterrestrial dick and fart jokes, blood-orgy concerts, and hilarious Billy Ocean covers. For now, though, I choose to celebrate Brockie/Urungus as the only person/intergalactic humanoid barbarian who could convincingly rhyme “Black Jew” with “Coo Coo Ca -Choo” and still make it rock.

Here’s “Sammy,” of 1997’s Carnival of Chaos:

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