Links For The Return Of MST3K (Sort Of)

Mystery Science Theater 3000Robot Roll Call: ‘Mystery Science Theater 3ooo’ Is Returning! (Popbytes)

Purim In Hasidic Williamsburg (Vice)

James Franco and Seth Rogan Take Trolling Kim and Kanye To The Next Level (Daily Dot)

Emma Stone Loses Her Shit Over The Spice Girls (Gawker)

?uestlove Taught Me How To Love Prince (Noisey)

My Post-Ultra-Orthdox Wedding (Daily Beast)

Maltese President’s Grandson Gives The Pope A Toy Dinosaur (UPI)

Buzz Aldrin’s Ultimate Selfie (Retronaut)

“How To Poo On A Date” (Death + Taxes)

An Online Generation Redefines Mourning (NY Times)

We Eat Beaver Anal Gland Juice And Other Gross Chemicals Every Day (TYTNetwork)

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