Unexpected Jewish Summer Camp Hookup: Seth Rogen & Mindy Kaling

At least, that’s the plot of an upcoming episode of Kaling’s FOX comedy The Mindy Project. As reported by Splitsider, FOX has announced that Rogen will guest star on the February 19th episode of The Mindy Project as Mindy’s long-lost Jewish summer camp love, with whom she reconnects decades later. And while this marks the latest instance of Rogen and Kaling sharing the screen, it isn’t the last; Splitsider adds that Kaling has recently filmed a small cameo for Rogen’s upcoming post-apocalyptic comedy This Is The End. 

But wait, haven’t we already seen the “long-lost Jewish summer camp love” gimmick on TV before?

That’s right, HBO’s GIRLS tapped that comic vein nearly a year ago. So, sorry Mindy, I’ll pass. But hey, for the three or four of you who do who watch The Mindy Project – let me know if the episode is any good. I’ll be busy facebooking girls from summer camp.

[via Splitsider]

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