The Last Jewish Waiter Is Back

When we met perpetually disgruntled waiter David Manheim a few weeks ago, he was bemoaning his lot in life serving an endless stream of customers at New York’s iconic Katz’s Deli. Now, in episode two of his webseries The Last Jewish Waiter, Manheim’s cinema vérité talk show gets its first celebrity guest: Sporanos star Joe Gannascoli! But – as a surprise to perhaps nobody – things start going wrong right out of the gate…

Seriously, forget Seth Myers – give this guy a network contract already! Anyone who can whip out “are you related to Stephen King?” without skipping a beat deserves his own show.

What do you think?

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  1. Dan C

    I took my wife to Katz’s deli – shes kosher so it was a big deal to eat a pastrami sandwich there. Anyhow, he was our waiter – he asked a bunch of questions including what i did ….I told him we live in Los Alamos, NM – he understood. Not such a great waiter though.

  2. freddie

    the guy reeks of charm. I was there with my wife, daughter , bro in law etc and he inissted I was on drugs. Even said it was heroin…my wife said he might be a user and so identified…oddly, left place and a few doors up stopped for some desert and the lady there stared at me and asked wife if I was a druggie!

    I have entered a 12 step program even though I do not drink or use drugs, so at least I can say I might have relapsed.
    I love that waiter, though. He reminds me of my ex wifez.


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