Stop Everything Because New Jonathan Katz (Hopefully…)

Forget the fact that Jonathan Katz is one of the funniest stand-up comics around. Forget also the fact that nearly fifteen years after it ended its 81-episode run on Comedy Central “Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist” is still funnier than 99.9% of the dreck on TV. All you need to know is that Jonathan Katz’s new project looks hilarious, and it needs your help.

Here’s the deal, as reported this morning: Katz has a new project in the works called “Death Row Diet“, a cartoon about a convicted murderer (Katz) on death row, trying to slim down to his ideal weight before his execution with the help of his lawyer (voiced by veteran funny guy Tom Leopold). Here’s the original animation:

Unfortunately, the original studio for which “Death Row Diet” was created has since pulled all their backing of the project. What this means is that “Death Row Diet” is effectively dead in the water. A genuine tragedy.


…$20,000 can be raised in time to (*ahem*) get “Death Row Diet” off death row.

Here, let Producer/Animator Mike Salva explain:

So there you have it. Those are your marching orders – Help make more episodes of “Death Row Diet” a reality. Check out their kickstarter, spread the word, and give this hilarious web series a new lease on life. You don’t want a wrongful comedic execution weighing on your conscience, do you?

[Via LaughSpin]

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